“IDENTITÀ TERRA” is a project  born of the experience and competence  of its founders in all aspects of  tourism – cultural, social, technical and organizational.


  • Sustainable, experiential tourism

  • Knowledge of all aspects of local food – from the raw materials to consumption

  • Information about environmental sustainability

  • Biodiversity

  • Our territory

  • “Slow” life style

  • History and anthropology

  • Learning through performances using  diverse means of theatrical expression

Our aim is to create a social structure within the area of tourism that builds a solid network of all aspects of the field.



The Project: I Geni della Terra

Our guests will experience history as they travel through some of the loveliest Etruscan and Medieval  towns in Umbria.

This experience is enhanced by reenactments  of historical episodes that have shaped our way of thinking and created a sense of community

We create the “Umbria” Brand, based on originality and local identity to highlight the uniqueness of our wonderful region.

A different way to make tourism:

Events showcasing local foods – where they come from and how they are used.

Initiatives involving public schools

Spiritual Pathways

Promotion through social networks, media and special transmissions


Members and Collaborators

Luciano Posti

Guida Turistica


Tourist Guide

 Accredited bilingual (Italian/English) tour guide.   President of the cultural association “Via dei Poeti” in Bologna since 2002, also working in Umbria.

Luciano organizes daily tours in Umbria emphasizing specific areas of interest. An expert in the agricultural distribution process, archaeology and cultural anthropology, he develops creative events through his collaboration with writers, musicians, producers and actors who are well-known throughout Italy.

+39 3348491319

Tiziana Casale

Pubbliche Relazioni

Public Affairs

Ms. Casale has been organizing theatrical events in Umbria since 2003.  In 2015 she became president of Progetto Donna, an association which works to stop discrimination and violence against women, through training and information activities.

She has also been involved in the organization of cultural, theatrical and enogastronomical events in Umbria and Lazio.  Her project  STOP&GO in September of 2018 was an important three-day event on the theme of the difficulties of youth in today’s society. 

+39 3881755007

Andrei Bertea

It Consultant

Elena Roman

Tourist and Administrative Consultant

Soci e Collaboratori

guida e accompagnatore turistico in lingua inglese. Presidente associazione culturale “ Via de’ Poeti”, dal 2002 in Bologna e con possibilità operativa anche in Umbria. Organizzatore di Tour tematici giornalieri, attualmente in Umbria. Esperto di filiera alimentare, archeologia ed antropologia culturale. Organizzatore di eventi culturali creativi. Collaboratore di scrittori , musicisti, registi ed attori di fama nazionale.

Luciano Posti

Guida Turistica

organizzatrice di eventi teatrali dal 2003 in Umbria. Dal 2015 Presidente dell’associazione Progetto Donna, che si occupa di contrasto ad ogni forma di discriminazione e violenza, attraverso attività di formazione e informazione. Organizzatrice di eventi culturali, eno gastronomici e teatrali in Umbria e nel Lazio. Realizzatrice di STOP AND GO, nel settembre del 2018, grande evento di tre giorni sul tema del disagio giovanile.

Tiziana Casale

Pubbliche Relazioni

Elena Roman

Consulente Amministrativo e Turistico

Andrei Bertea

Consulente It