June 27 2019, Arrival in Perugia in the afternoon

  • Transfer to Perugia Hostel Mario Spagnoli and meeting with the managers of “Mario Spagnoli”, “Villa Giardino”, Costacciaro Hostels. For this you can have all the particulars from Dr. Michele Viola.

  • H 20.00 Reinassance dinner in the Tavern of the magnificent “Rione di Porta Sant’Angelo” in Perugia’s city centre and evening  walk along the original Etruscan Gate  and the ancient University for foreigners.

The menu will be composed by all the ingredients available in the medieval and early reinassance age.

There will be people dressed as our ancestors did in the period we want you to live. We will invlve you in the stories and legends about the place you will be visiting.



  • Tagliere with typical salumi and cheese
  • Tagliatelle with wild boar sauce
  • Quadrucci with chickpeas
  • Piglet with roasted potatoes
  • Typical dessert
  • High quality wine
  • Espresso
  • water


June 28, 2019


  • H 08.00 Breakfast
  • H 09.30 Visit of Perugia Centre, one of the older towns in Italy. A unique place where you can find both Etruscan and Medioeval remains and an original structure of the buildings and monuments. A city filled with arts and museums. We will explain you all the traditions and the events that takes part here, such as the famous “Umbria Jazz” festival, “Eurochocolate” and the “Perugia 1416” re-enactment


  • H 11.00 Meeting with institutions, the representative of Perugia’s Common and the Umbria Region. In the same occasion we will introduce you to the Umbria Jazz Foundation’s director.


  • H 13.00 Light lunch to “Daje”, a typical Enoteca (Vinery) that can offer the best range of wines in the Umbria Region


  • H 16.00 Visit of the Chocolate plant “Perugina”, a international well known brand. Everybody in the world can say “I have eaten a Bacio”, the typical chocolate art craft. During the visit you can stand in front of the history of the chocolate in the Perugina’s museum and have a look at all the production chain. At the end you can taste Perugina’s products and you can buy them.

  • H 20.00 Ethnic Dinner in the Hostel, with the menu:
    • Fried Banana Plantano
    • Cous Cous with vegetables and legumes
    • Beef stew with peanut butter
    • African desserts
  • Evening with music and Drums Laboratory by local musicians.

  • Overnight

June 29, 2019


  • H 8,00 departure from the Hostel
  • H 9,00 Visit of the Assisi’s town and the Saint Francis Basilica. One of the world’s most important places for the mankind. We can see the masterpieces of Giotto and Cimabue, Signorelli and the main artists of the Italian renaissance. The center of the city is plenty of evidences of the different periods in which the town shined. We can admire Minerva’s Temple, the Basilica of Santa Chiara and the Saint Rufino Cathedral. During the travel we can see the magnificent cities and places such as Santa Maria degli Angeli and Spello.


  • H 12,15 Lunch in Assisi, with local produces and typical wines. In this part of the Region we can find the best extra Virgin olive oil in the world. During the meal you will appreciate the high quality and the extraordinary  flavor of this ingredient. In Umbria we have the oldest olive trees from the Etruscan age to nowadays (3000 years)


  •  H 14,00 Arrival in Spoleto, guided visit to the old Ducato di Spoleto capital. The town that show the original structure of the “Longobard” people, who conquered this part of Italy in the fifth century. There are romans ruins and an majestic fortress. Only there you can find an original Roman aqueduct between two hills nearby the town. Every year they organize the famous “festival dei due mondi” (The two worlds festival), the most important theatre and music festival for the new production in Europe.   


  • H 15,30 Meeting with the Two Worlds festival’s responsible. You can participate on the live performances in the town. The Festival is held in this period! http://www.festivaldispoleto.com/2019/programma.asp
  • H 16,30 Arrival in Sant’Anatolia di Narco, a nice typical city with a medioeval structure and original shapes. The nature is uncontaminated and the same is for the produces they grew there. In Umbria we have the highest percentage of biodiversity in Europe. This permits to preserve original species and flavors. For this reason we will arrange an experiential dinner after you will have had a walk in the woods searching for truffles. You will learn all the differences in the biodiversity during this educational and you will have the experience of finding out a truffle as they usually do. When you will be back from the walk there will be a handmade experience about cooking. After that you will eat what you cooked.


Menu for the dinner:

Local typical salumi

Pecorino with tarassaco jelly

Pie with herbs

Lenticchie from Monte Leone di Spoleto

Pasta with crisp  bacon, zucchini, pumpkin flowers, sheep’s ricotta and zafferano

Aromatized oven pie, with misticanza of herbs and vegetable garden

Typical cakes


Espresso or Tisana

Grappa with herbs

June 30, 2019


  • Breakfast.
  • H 9.30 Visit and Guide of Monte Castello di Vibio, a typical medioeval village, where there is the smallest theater in the world (Teatro della Concordia). You can look at the stage from a miniaturized dais.

  • H 11.30 Visit of Todi, another original mediaeval town with plenty of art, museums and ruins. The place that gave birth to Jacopone da Todi. This city has been considered as the most liveable town in the world. Every year they hold the famous Todi Theatre festival.

  • H 12.30 Meeting and greetings in the common palace. There you will be received by the Major and the Director of the Todi Festival.

  • H 13,00 Lunch in a typical restaurant in the center of Todi, Menu:
    • Tagliatelle with Norcina sauce or mushrooms sauce
    • Ham Steak or Cotoletta
    • Salad or fries
    • Wine  Water  Espresso
  • H 15.30 Visit of Orvieto town. The Duomo in considered the most beautiful church in the world and the entire city center is an example of the original mediaeval structure. This was the most important Etruscan “Lucumonia” (the sacred city in the Etruscan confederation where every year the Etruscan princes met from the less important Etruscan towns in Tuscany). From this age we can experience the hidden underground with the visit of  “Orvieto sotterranea”.

  • H 17.00 Departure to Rome

We suggest to stay and participate at the Festival of the two Worlds in Spoleto, the 29th of June instead of going to Santa Anatolia di Narco.

In this case we can arrange a dinner in Spoleto or back in Perugia at Umbro Restaurant (while you eat in the Umbro Restaurant there will be performed a jazz concert).